A Nairnshire company has blown the final whistle on an ambitious project to broadcast the Highland League globally due to conflict and a lack of support from Office Bearers.

Ross J Maclean founded SHFLtv two years ago where he was met with resounding applause from fans for bringing local football to the screens of ex pats living and working abroad.

He said: “It’s disappointing to announce that we will no longer be broadcasting the Highland League via SHFLtv. The plans and vision for this project, which fans, players, viewers and clubs have enthusiastically contributed to have repeatedly been met with obstacles from what is collectively known as the Office Bearers.

“Despite assurances that they were in support of the project, their actions, emails, and personal agendas behind the scenes indicate otherwise. We quickly came to the realisation that all dealings with the Office bearers were best conducted in the presence of our lawyer due to their inconsistencies and unreasonable demands.

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“We wish to thank our main sponsors, Direct Waste Management and ORCA telecom along with Foxlane Garden Centre and Thistle Channel for their support throughout this wonderful project, and for the superb match-commentary from Neil Didsbury and Iain Auld.”

Thistle Channel, a sister company also run by Ross, has not received any financial support from the Highland League. Its financial needs were met through sponsorship deals and Ross’s determination to make the Highland League accessible through contemporary media.

Ross concluded: “We really thank the fans, viewers, players, managers and clubs who supported us and were on board with the vision to bring the Highland League to homes the world over. The fans have been pivotal in shaping the content and format of our broadcasts and it’s been brilliant to see their eagerness to interact.

It’s bittersweet for SHFLtv considering the Office Bearers, who we hoped would prove to be a great source of strength, have prevented us from popularising such a crucial part of the Highland’s sporting community.

“We will always leave our door open to the Highland League, but it is untenable for us to work with the current regime.”

This is not the first time the Highland League has come under fire for its dealings with the media.

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